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Affordable photography

What can I do for you?

Where shall I begin? I can help you with your creative challenges. For both personal and business use. The photographing family fathter (De fotograferende huisvader) is the name I use for the more personal photos.

To make it clear: although the name The photographing family father suggests differently, it’s not a hobby project. I am officially registered as self-employed (Chamber of Commerce).

Interested in my work, check out my online portfolio.

What kind of photos?

Children, adults, personal, business… you name it! Everything from portrait photography to food photography. Photo’s for personal or business use. Even for your webshop! It’s all possible!


Business photo shoots



Everything what’s important shot by me. Excluding a group or team photo. Max. 60 minutes. This includes editing.
PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 65,-



Everything from standard + group foto. Not including portraits. Max. 120 minutes. Includes editing.
PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 130,-

Product photography

Per hour


Doesn’t include editing.
PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 45,-

Food photography

Per hour


Doesn’t include editing
PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 49,99

Standard hourly rate

Standard hourly rate


PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 65,


€ 157,


Everything from Standard + Extensive + portraits. Duration depends on company size. Includes editing.
PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 199,99

Product photgraphy (editing)



PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 15,-

Food photography (editing)



PRICE WITH 21% VAT: € 15,-

The prices for the more personal photoshoots can be found at the website of The photographing family father (De fotograferende huisvader).

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